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Major Enterprise is an independent internet marketing and advertising company that specializes in boosting website sales. I created it as a marketplace solely for the small independent online business owners to network with each other, build exposure, and boost website revenue all at the same time. My sole vision was to get the “indies” to network together as one so that we could compete against the (“major players”) major marketing companies online. I felt that if we can get enough small companies to network together, we will no longer need the major companies to market and promote our products and services on the internet. We can do it ourselves. Strength is in numbers and the more numbers you have networking together in your chosen industry, the more power you have obtained.

Major Enterprise was a vision and a plan. The vision was to show people how to start, run, and operate their own profitable online business. Now that led me to create the plan, which was the process of carrying out the vision!
We call this MajorEnterprise because it is YOUR MAJOR ticket to extra income and real wealth!

Information powers our world. The more information you have, the more money you make. It used to be you had to go to an expensive business school or spend years becoming a doctor or lawyer to have valuable information people would pay big money for.  Not anymore! Today ANYONE can use FREE classified ads to sell information demanded daily by MILLIONS of people. Think about it. These days when somebody wants to know how to do something, they GO ONLINE and look for INFORMATION to tell them how to do it.


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