Carael Knight

Carael Knight – My Full Story – “Every Empire Has To Start With A Dream”

“In The Beginning, It Was Just a Dream”………….

I always had an entrepreneur mindset. I guess most of it comes from my parents. My mom and dad had there own business. It was a construction company named after the four of us (my mom, dad, me, and my older brother). I have one older sibling (brother). He graduated from law school. So, with just looking at my background, you can say that I was brought up with a good foundation. When I was around thirteen years old, I had dreams about having money and started to study about it. I had always wondered how and why people had so much money. I truly learned about money and financial literacy. I was like a “wealthologist”.

This was like a passion for me. I learned that some inherited it, those who won it, and those who worked hard to earn it. I had researched for many, many, years on the subject of money and how it flows through our economy. As time went on when I turned seventeen, I had found out a way to start a small business. I was into music at the time because I learned how to play the keyboard and would always play at my church on Sunday mornings. It was an independent record company I had started with a friend of mine at the time. Because of our similar thinking and ambitious drive, we decided to learn while networking together as business partners. With us being so young, obviously we didn’t know much about the music business but with the right amount of research, everything that we once didn’t know, we manage to find out. So to make a long story short, this is one of the many ways how my mind started to mold into an entrepreneur one.

I graduated high school and went on to college. When I went to college, I wasn’t like most college students. What I mean by that is I didn’t really go out as much. I had my share of fun but that wasn’t my main goal or priority. And to be honest with you school wasn’t either! I failed miserably in college. Also, in the back of my mind, I had always
tried to seek more than just going to school and getting a Business Degree. I had one goal and one goal only in mind. That was to become a self made millionaire and I have learned that college have never taught anyone how to make your own “independent money”. It programs your mind to be “dependent” on working for a boss/company. As far as college is concerned, I enjoyed the experience though but to really excel in life and create a legacy, (college or no college) you have to find a passion and only then will the money flow in unlimited amounts.

In my mind I felt I had so much to accomplish at a young age. I have always been an ambitious person. I’ve not only learned how to be independent, but also learned how to network with people from around the world. I started to work at so many “meaningless” jobs trying to save money where I could achieve some capital for all my investment/business ideas. And let me say this much, all the times that I worked for someone else, it taught me values. It built character. It taught me first hand that in order to reach success or get to wherever you want to be, you have to pay your dues! Every self made successful person had to pay a price one time or another in there life..

Anyways, I continued to study millionaires and what they did to become millionaires. Like I had stated earlier, there are a million and one ways to make money and be successful but you just have to find something you really enjoy doing. For instance, I read about people who became successful with so many multi-million dollar companies such as Prepaid Legal, Primerica, Liberty League International and many others.

I also had a friend of mine that had introduced me to Primerica. This is how I got started and involved with mutual funds. But to anyone of you that are familiar with these services, these are some excellent businesses to achieve an extraordinary income. Even though I had some affiliation with some of them, I was still searching for even more. Now when I say, I was still searching for even more, I’m not saying that these are not Multi-Million Dollar companies, they are. I was trying to seek for my own unique niche.

My aim was to create my own market. So, eventually I came across a website and bought a product that showed me how to start, run, and operate an extremely successful business strictly over the Internet. It caught my attention by stating I could make a substantial amount of money even while I sleep, whether I’m there or not (passive income)! I didn’t have to ship anything. The thing that I love and will forever love most about the Internet is that it is a worldwide market. The independent internet marketing industry is what I have built my passion around because of the six to seven figure monthly income that are effortless being generated online. Nowadays, this is the power of technology. Also, let me say that whether you are deciding to start a business or already have one, it is mandatory and would be in your best interest to market and promote it online!

The reason I say this is, you are losing a lot of potential income that you could be making over the web. There are more and more business owners who are taking advantage of this because of an untapped market they are missing out on! But as I was saying about my business, my overhead was low. I really didn’t need much capital to get my business started but with the capital that I needed, I didn’t have it at the time.

I would have ask my parents but I didn’t for two reasons: I knew they weren’t going to just give me that amount of money that I would of asked for and even if they did, they would have thought that it would be going to all the wrong places. I don’t blame them though because when you work hard for something yourself and you finally achieve a goal, you see the true value in it more so than a person just giving it to you. Therefore, I started from the ground up myself building my business (independently). Let me say this again, “I solely started from the ground up, myself building MajorEnterprise. So this certifies me as being self made. I tell my story because I don’t want no one to say that “I got lucky” or “my parents gave me anything” other than an entrepreneur mind frame.

At the time my parents didn’t know and realize how hard I worked to build my dream over the years. I was working three jobs along with going to school full time to get the capital I needed to start my Internet business. So this is why I say that I never really went out much in college, because I sacrificed my time in things that were going to be productive to my future. I was solely focused on building my business. I could have just worked one job but the money that I needed to save would have been coming in to slow. I really wanted this and I knew in the back
of my mind that it would one day pay off. I kept the faith and prayed about it every night.
In a six month time period I had all the necessary tools and resources to get the ball rolling. Plus, I was blessed to have my parents make enough income to where they paid for my education so therefore all my essential needs were taken care of so I had no real major bills or expenses. Literally, I didn’t have to work but I still did. All my parents wanted for me was to get a good education. I had to work for myself and make my own money if I was going to achieve my own personal goals and especially at a young age. No one could see what I saw for my future at the time. I even had family who thought I was crazy for working when I didn’t have to. But one thing I learned in life is that you have to do what is best for you and what you see fit to better your future. No one can live your life but you. If your
not happy with your life, then you have to find ways to make yourself have a happier life.

Finally, years later what do you know, I’m a successful business owner as well as an investor! I got my first website up (which is this one) and I have I came out with my debut e-book (an information manual that’s compiled down into what’s called an electronic book)
How To Become a Millionaire Selling Information Through Classified Ads,
If you haven’t read it, you must get it. You can get it on this website or ORDER HERE. I have put my blood,
sweat, and tears into this ebook. It took me nearly 6 months to write and get published online. It strictly talks about making money through placing successful classified ads, marketing, advertising and also many other helpful tips and strategies you can use to generate a sizable income.

You remember when I stated earlier, technology takes care of my shipping?
Well you can download it straight off my website so there is no waiting. If you don’t know about the e-commerce business, then you must get into it. It has made me very, very, successful along with many others and I’m pretty sure that it can work for you! All in all, I have reached my goal and still trying to set even bigger goals. When you dream, DREAM BIG! The sky is the limit. I love money loving me and I thank god that I can finally say I have achieved one of my biggest goals. I’m a living witness of believing in oneself. Anything is possible by two key things: by the will of God and also by the determination of one’s character! My philosophy is MONEY LOVES ME! Does it love you? If not, get my book….