The Heart of a CEO – 100,000 Copies SOLD Independent!!

“The Heart of a CEO – OVER 100,000 Copies SOLD Independent on the internet across the Nation America!”

Marketing, marketing, and MORE marketing is the key to the success of ANY business venue! Capital is king and is the backbone of any business but in order to accumulate cash flow, you NEED marketing. If you want to see your product (or service) prevail then you best better promote it like your life depended on it because in reality, your business does!

Marketing is simply just a numbers game. The MORE consumers you market your product (or service) to, the MORE revenue you can potentially make. It’s that simple. For example: Lets say you have a product that sells for just $10 dollars. If you can get your product in front of 1,000,000 viewers and just 1% of that is 10,000. Now, if 1% of that 1,000,000 buys, then that is 10,000 (times) $10 = that’s $100,000 Dollars!!!!

The Simple Marketing Formula:

X amount of “potential” customers (minus) X amount of “actual” buyers (times) Product/Service Price = X amount of $$$$$

The world wide web is one of the BEST ways to market your brand and reach an audience in excess of millions of consumers fairly quickly. There have been reports of small business owners doing six figures ($100,000+) in revenue in ONE WEEK! That is some “SERIOUS MONEY” America! Even if you doing a measly $10,000+ a month is some pretty nice income! The main difference between the Fortune 500 Companies and a small, average “mom and pop” business is massive and consistent marketing on a global scale.

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