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My business revolves around giving people the information products they need.

Now, I’m not talking about a daily newspaper. When I say information products, I mean specific information to show people how to do something they desperately want to know.

Here’s an example as well as an effective free tip! Let’s say someone where you work (or simply someone you know in general) is suffering under bad credit. They can’t buy the things they want and need. Their family is suffering. This person would pay a LOT to get reliable information on how to fix their credit, right? Of course!

In fact, you might have in your possession an article that showed an individual how to easily establish AAA Credit in 30 days. Now wouldn’t that be something millions of people would be interested in? You bet they would! Now, say you could sell your article to ALL of them with a simple classified ad in Google Adwords (one of the TOP advertising programs on the internet!).

Your ad might look something similar like this:

  • Establish AAA Credit in 30 days with secret technique ($29.95)
  • Send check or money order to: (Your Name, address, city, state, zip)
    60 Day Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee

Let’s be conservative and say 50 people (at least) read and purchased the article. Bang! Right there you just earned nearly $2000! And you did nothing more than place an inexpensive online ad, then sell already-written information that people want and need (tip: this is your targeted audience by the way!).