The Heart of a CEO

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Chapter 3 (Brief Exclusive) What is the Heart of a CEO?

A great man once said, it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. This simply means that a CEOs heart is like a lion. It is fearless as well as fierce. Just like a lion will fight to the death for their cubs, a CEO will fight to the death for their business. When you really think about it, the male lions tend to display certain characteristics of a CEO. For example, the male lion will send the female lion out to hunt and kill for there food while the male lion waits. The male lion job is to protect and manage their kingdom. The male lion makes sure everything is properly handled and if the female lion need assistance, they know that they can come to the male lion for help.

This is similar to what a CEO does. A CEO’s main task is to make sure the business is properly organized, maintained and managed. To have The Heart of a CEO is like having the drive of a bulldozer. A bulldozer will run over and tumble anything in its way. The Heart of a CEO is sometimes complicated to describe but you will know if you have it in you or not. Some things just come natural. For example, just like the late great pop singer, Michael Jackson or the great basketball player, Michael Jordan, they weren’t molded into what they became more so than being born to do something great naturally. They recognized their natural talents and this is what made them great legends. They were specifically designed to be great at what they loved to do. Both of them had the heart of a champion. Both of them had The Heart of a CEO. To have heart in something simply means to have a tremendous desire to excel at something.

Entrepreneurial-ism is golden. If you take a deeper look at things, in life, God gives everyone a calling. Some people pick up on there calling early in life and for some, it takes a lot longer. If someone is into entrepreneurial-ism, they will realize quickly that it is not easy building a company from the ground up. A CEO is humble as well as ambitious. They realize that it is there responsibility to be superior at there passion. They also realize that the journey to the very top is tedious. You see, once a person have achieved a certain level of success, the only other thing most successful people do is give back. Success can come in all different forms though. Success means different things to different individuals. What success means to someone can be totally different to the next man.

Internet entrepreneurial-ism is like an art form that will make an impact on many aspects of my life. It is a way for a CEO to express there creativity through cyberspace. This means financially, emotionally, and spiritually. But you know, one of the most difficult things about being the CEO of your own company is making nonindependent decisions. Every decision you make will either further your career or hurt it. But on the same note, whatever decision you make (good or bad) will still make you who you are. Just like the different things we go through in life in general will make us who we are. Writing a book is effective because it can create a connection between you and your audience.

It also embraces the struggle that an individual goes through and lets the world know how and what a person feel when they go through it as a CEO. Like I stated before, being a CEO is NEVER easy and for anyone to tell you otherwise would be lying. Every road is not completely accident proof. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that they have been through there fair share of obstacles. A lot of times, when you see someone very successful, it is because they have kept trying so many things (through trial and error) until one of them worked. They have turned there adversities into triumph. Always keep in mind that, whenever you see a successful person, you are only seeing the end result. You see their sunshine but you never see the rain that they had to go through to get to the sunshine.

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