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Who is The Internet CEO, Carael Knight?

Carael Knight, Platinum Author

Dear Millionaire In Training,

My name is Carael Knight. I nym “The Internet CEO”. I started Major Enterprise in 99′ but I have been online since 2001′. Feel free to Google me: “Carael Knight” or “The Internet CEO”. I have well over 5 Million results credited in Google for my name alone. I would say this qualifies me as a Certified Internet Marketing Expert. I know how to successfully market and produce profit on just about anything online, whether it be a product or service. I have dedicated my life to learning everything there is to know about “independent” internet marketing and advertising via the internet. I wrote a Million Dollar Manual called, “How To Become a Millionaire Selling Information Through Classified Ads” and the Million Dollar Manual has been selling like “Hotcakes” ever since it was published online!!! I basically talk about the different ways to make money effectively through classified advertising. I have also threw a LOT of other successful tips, strategies, and resources in the Million Dollar Manual also. You NEED to get it NOW!

How Can An Independent Internet Marketer Get Targeted Independent Traffic Without the Search Engines?

I get asked this question all the time. Traffic is the number one subject that will make or break any business on the internet. A lot of people do not know how to effectively drive sufficient traffic to their website. It is not really that complicated once you have a system in place. Any one of the elite’s of the internet will tell you this. The best traffic you can build to your website is FREE traffic and this is without using the actual search engine traffic. Since I am the truth, I will tell you what happened to me. Google tried to take away some of my search engine traffic! To help me illustrate my point, this is how I noticed when I Googled my name one day, and Google decreased my results. I once had over 1.5 million results back for my name, “Carael Knight”. I don’t know what happened. But to tell you the truth, I did not really care either.

However, on the up side of things, this did not really shift my rankings much because of all the free traffic that I get from plenty other sources such as relevant referral sites. Whether writing on topic seo articles and submitting them, blogging and commenting on other topic related sites, links on authority sites, etc. All links will still add up. The best traffic is targeted independent traffic. Any REAL internet marketer in the industry will tell you that if you lost your rankings with the search engines today but have built a well organized traffic base, it does not really matter what the search engines do to your rankings. They will still consistantly go up.

This is the true power of making independent money online. I have learned some of the “best of the best” tips, tricks, and strategies in the internet marketing industry and have learned from the “best of the best” in the industry.  Do not let Google, yahoo, msn, or any other search engine take away your traffic because of being solely dependent on the search engines. You must find ways to get targeted independent traffic from other sources.

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